Interior design & furniture


Recommended material

Made of natural cellulose, our boards can can be used “raw” or can be easily coated for design purpose. Different board materials may be used based on customers’ needs. Please contact us to determine which one would suit best to your project.

Laminated flooring

Recommended material

  • Overlay paper: impregnated overlay papers improve resistance to scratching and protect the decorative papers.

Paneling & Wall creation

Recommended material for paneling

  • Maplex Performance : our materials can be laminated or veneered to variety of substrates, as well as coated. They can be used in various applications like kitchen panels or booth creation. For more information, please review our Maplex guidelines.
  • Malpex Contour: same as for Maplex Performance.
  • Acoustic paper: this paper can be used to insure acoustic insulation.

From core structure to outer design, our materials properties will ensure your walls meet the initial specifications.

Recommended material for wall creation