Maplex PC is  high density 100% cellulose based grade used in productions of disposable clicker pads. This grade is the ideal cutting surface solution for clicker presses, swing arm clickers or the cutting presses because they allow the cutters to cut with confidence.

  •  High density, disposable and high heat resistant
  •  Shore D hardness – 86.1 (according to test method ISO7619)
  •  100% biobased VOC pressboard
  •  Calendered densified smooth surface

Key features and benefits  

  • Zero VOC pressboard
  • Ideal surface for soft and semi-rigid materials and fabrics such as Gore-Tex®, leather and Microfibres®.
  • Keep the cutting surface consistent, ensuring a high quality cut every time Produced with unbleached softwood cellulose and water
  • Eliminates the resurfacing costs associated with nylon, polypropylene, polyurethane, wood, rubber and PVC pads
  • Easily replaced, therefore preventing costly damage when the cutting surface “dishes out” and creates uneven low spots with use over time
  • Can be resurfaced and re-used
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Produced with unbleached softwood, cellulose and water


  • Economical disposable cutting surface for swing arm clickers and die cutting presses. Used in a wide range of industrial die cutting applications in the apparel, automotive, gasket, shoe, novelty and other industries.