Flizmal – Wall base paper

Flizmal – Wall base paper


FlizMal is a paper used for manufacturing modern vinyl wallpaper by stencil, deep printing, and flexographic printing. It is also used for manufacturing non-woven material for covering and painting walls.

  • High dry and wet strength
  • High heat resistance and lightfastness
  • High stability in wet conditions
  • Homogeneous structure

Key features and benefits  

  • Environmentally friendly and FSC certified (SGS-COC)
  • Can be painted in different colors using water emulsion paint
  • The material is well processed under the following types of printing:
    • stencil printing on the base of water emulsion paint
    • deep and flexographic printing on the base of plastisol


  • Vinyl wallpaper manufacturing
  • Non-woven materials for surface covering