Discover Maplex


The Maplex pressboard family offers an extensive range of high, medium and low-density materials made from 95% non-bleached softwood kraft and 5% water. Our unique manufacturing equipment can also produce kraft and cotton blends. All Maplex grades are free from urea-formaldehyde, tested for VOC emissions in a certified third party laboratory and are suitable for a variety of applications.


Maplex is manufactured without added substances, making it 100% biodegradable. Therefore it can be removed as “green waste” by municipal collectors*.

At our facilities we reuse and recycle all offcuts during the Maplex manufacturing process and we continually explore new ways to incorporate recycled content into production.

We understand that many biodegradable materials, such as wood, paper and natural fabrics, are commonly coated with paints, dyes and finishes that impede biodegradation at the end of their useful lives. Therefore, we are working together with experienced coating manufacturers to develop sustainable materials to protect, color and increase resistance to stains and abrasions, while also preserving Maplex’s biodegradability. We also use bio-based glues, such as dextrin and casein, and experiment with new, eco-friendly adhesives.

*Recovery policies may vary from one location to another in accordance to local regulations and laws. Although Maplex is suitable for composting and for green waste facilities, we do not guarantee our materials will be accepted as yard trimmings and garden waste.


Maplex is made entirely of softwood fibers, a renewable raw material. As trees grow, they sequester carbon dioxide which helps reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and therefore reduces our impact on global warming. Due to the energy used during cellulose production, Maplex has high embodied energy (40.5 Mj/kg). However, it is stronger than plywood, wallboard, OSB and other board materials. A thinner stock can be used to minimize the net embodied energy of a project.

As there are no added chemicals, Maplex is considered a low VOC emitting material. The only potential VOC’s are those that occur naturally in wood. We are currently in the process of getting Maplex certified as a low VOC emitting material.


To preserve Maplex’s natural appeal, we do not currently coat our material therefore it is only available in its natural kraft color. We are collaborating with several companies to explore sustainable and recyclable coatings for Maplex and will be happy to recommend environmentally friendly surface coatings and glues to minimize environmental impact.


Maplex properties, along with its original natural kraft color, make it suitable for many applications, such as arts and crafts, interior paneling, signage, toys, jigsaw and 3D puzzles, trade show displays, wall partitions, footwear, etc.                                                                                    

Weidmann have been working to develop furniture and panel systems which are recyclable and provide a unique alternative to the existing MDF and particle board based products. We continually strive to expand our product line while maintaining our environmental commitment.