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Maplex Board

100% Biodegradable

Looking for a sustainable solution? Discover Maplex: our range of biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly materials, made of 95% softwood kraft and 5% water.

Maplex Family

Maplex C

Contour – Medium Density Board

Maplex P

Performance – High Density Board

Maplex Form

Low Density Board

Maplex MD

Medium Density Board

Maplex MDCC

Performance – Medium Density Cotton Calendered

Maplex MDC

Medium Density Cotton Blend

Laminated Maplex

More Info on Laminated Maplex

Maplex PC (Clicker Pad)

Performance Calendered

Maplex Wave

More Info on Maplex Wave

Maplex Gamma

More Info on Maplex Gamma

About Maplex

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Sheet Sizes

Weidmann offers standard cuts with a tolerance of +/-50mm for optimal utility.

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Store Maplex pressboard properly to avoid exposure to an unstable environment.

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Return to Recycle

Our program recycles used Maplex panels and offcuts from our customers.

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Shelf Life

Special care is needed during storage to prevent damage to Maplex products.

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Surface Treatments

Coatings protect Maplex from stains, wear, and humidity changes.

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Maplex FAQ

Find all frequently asked questions related to Maplex board here.


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