Author - Rachel Woodhall

Production Steeped in Heritage

Benefiting from over 30 global locations, Weidmann is able to provide a local, efficient service to support our customers. These locations range from Production and Sales sites, Laboratories and Weidmann partner sites. The manufacturing process of our cellulose-based fiber materials utilizes Weidmann’s deep-rooted knowledge and experience and production facilities boasting...

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Weidmann to exhibit at the Greener Manufacturing Show

Weidmann Cellulose based Sustainable Materials (CSM) is exhibiting at the Greener Manufacturing Show which takes place on the 9th and 10th November in Cologne, Germany. As a global supplier of cellulose-based fiber materials, Weidmann CSM is able to use its 140 years’ experience to develop new applications for this...

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Not Pulp Fiction: A Sustainability-Led Future

In 2018, Weidmann explored the global market demand for paper and whether digitalization was having an impact on the paper and forest industry. Despite graphic paper (used for newspapers and writing paper) declining, demand for packaging, hygiene products such as tissues and wipes, and plastic replacement products was growing. Sustainability...

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